Poetry Contest

                  Millennium Poets & Poems

               Birdsong Vol II       Anthology                                                                          Prize Awards

                Blue Ribbon appears on Pg.1 & 10 Books

                Red Ribbon appears on Pg.2 & 8 Books

                Yellow Ribbon appears on Pg.3 & 5 Books


Submit by invitation only; by posting a sample of your poem/s on FB poetry groups.  Deadline is when 200 selected poems are collected, Birdsong will publish in a Trade Paperback with professional cover and be available on Amazon.com and Kindle. You will be notified when the book becomes available. Keep your copyrights, no fees. Follow Birdsong on Twitter.

Submission Guidelines: Before submitting your poem, please make sure you have read and adhered to the following guidelines:

  1. Submit 3-5 poems at one time. Be sure each has a Title and your full name.
  2. Poems may be any length  lines  no more than 70 characters across, including spaces.
  3. Poems must adhere to basic rules of capitalization.
    • Do not type poem in all capital letters.
    • Use Garamond  12 font.
    • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word.
    • Only capitalize words that are proper (i.e. names and places).
    • The first word of each line may be capitalized.
  4. You’re to proofread your poems for any grammatical errors.
  5. Do not use “texting” lingo. Properly spell out all words.
  6. Poems containing language that is vulgar, offensive, or wholly inappropriate will not be accepted.
  7. To ensure proper delineation, please use the “Enter” key to start a new line, indicating all intentional line breaks. Send in word doc or cut and paste to e-mail.
  8. By submitting poetry to Birdsong Poets and Birdsong Publishing; poets agree and verify their poetry submission is their original unpublished authentic work and acknowledge Birdsong Poets/Publishing has unlimited access and use to “publish at will.”
  9. Submit all poems to birdsongpoets@gmail.com
  10. You will retain  your copyright.  There are no fees.
  11. The Trade Paperback  will be published with professional cover design, available for poets and the public to order from Amazon.com and Kindle.

It is the desire of Birdsong to promote talent and enthusiasm to write and be published. It is an art form and should be available for the public to enjoy.